Start Wearing Purple

This is the last video I took from practice of Purple (March 13)


Start Wearing Purple
Veil Line

Walk onto stage – head up, shoulders back, smile on your face. Go to assigned position, pose however you desire.

When singing starts, move with the music – movements are up to dancer

At “just a matter of time”, have veil behind you and spread arms to side to extend veil behind you like a back drop.

On “so” place left hand on hip, angle slightly to left and swish veil with right arm extended in front – four counts- while stepping forward with right foot.

Reverse – right hand on hip, angle toward back, swish veil back and forth for four counts while stepping toward back with left foot.

Place left hand back on hip and do a big veil swish with right hard – left, back, right while circling to the left.

Swing veil over head in front of body, twirl it back towards you so it’s draped at neck and over each arm. Step/sway to the right seven steps.

Step/sway back to the left five steps.

Swirl veil off right arm only so veil hangs down. Spin in a circle to the right two full times around.

Swish veil back over right arm and swish it off left arm. Circle two times to the left.

Stop on the left diagonal facing audience, veil in front, left arm up, right arm down – veil will be open all the way in front of body.

Take four camel steps to the front with right foot.

Swirl veil around the back and with left hand on hip, right arm comes all the way around to rest on left hip. Veil will be wrapped around lower half of body.

With right hand, start moving veil while doing hip drops with right hip – 8 count. Right hand will end behind right hip.

Repeat arm motions with left arm – still do hip drops with right hip.

Spread veil behind you – raise both arms simultaneously so hands meet over head. Move hips while doing this.

Camel leading with right foot – two camels forward right, two camels forward left.

Hip drops while lowering right arm – four counts down. Swish veil another four counts.

Right arm back up – repeat with left arm (we’re now at the two minute mark)

Left arm back up (both will now be raised over head)

Drop both arms down with veil behind you – raise hands back up.

Do two complete veil swirls around body to the left while stepping to the left.

Repeat veils swishing and stepping to the right.

Place left hand at back of head – 3 veil swirls to the left while turning in a circle – left side, back, right side.

Swirl veil over head to the front.

While stepping back, alternate moving hands up and down to swish veil.

Stop. Swirl veil to the left around body two times. Stop in the front. Whoosh veil back toward neck like in the beginning.

Swish veil off right arm and spin to the right two times around.

Repeat on left side.

Left arm up, right arm lowered, veil in front – camel with right foot four steps forward.

Swing veil around – left hand on hip, cross right arm over to left hip.

Pose dramatically.

Wait for copious amounts of applause. Bow as practiced. Exit stage as practiced – no talking, chit chat or giggling. Let’s make it look like we’ve been doing this for years.

Click link for printable copy

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