Becca Wynn

Becca Winn


Stage Name: Isis

I have always been a dancer.  Moving to the sounds I hear is second nature, like breathing.  In the dance, I can find myself even as I lose myself in the music.  My formal training began when I was 4, and Miss Robin taught me until I graduated high school (with a year off for violin lessons).  Tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical.  We practiced hard and came alive on stage in our annual recital.

After high school, dance was no longer a large part of my life  – until I walked into Donna’s bellydance class and discovered that I was born to bellydance.  The missing piece of the dance puzzle fell into place.  My earlier training had given me a solid foundation, and with belly dance, I have learned to fly.  Swirling around, arms out, head back, eyes closed as the music envelopes me in its intricate, layered patterns, ancient rhthyms speaking to my heart.

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